Our Story

Here’s my why… 
This venture was an idea formed a few years ago from my own personal journey. It started when I developed a level of body dysmorphia after having my two children. Unfortunately, I was in an abusive relationship where the forefront of the abuse was aimed at my body & its imperfections. I had passed my peak and was reminded of this on a daily basis until eventually I started believing it. 

Abandoned with a 1 year old & a newborn with no support system in place, the gym wasn’t a viable daily option. So I started spending hours sourcing shapewear that would make me look & feel better. 

That’s where an insecurity embedded by a bully turned into a passion. I slowly started revealing my secrets to how I was making that dress look good to close friends & they wanted in. They loved it! I knew I wanted to help women who for whatever reason (eg, natural body flaws, baby bodies or suffering emotional abuse) that there are quick fix products available help rebuild confidence. 

There was little variety within the UK market & companies abroad were expensive. I started putting all my time into making my dream a reality. 

Like most woman, its true I’ve had my fair share of trial & tribulations, the lowest lows & the highest of the highs. I’ve lived, I’ve loved & I’ve lost. This journey isn’t just for me, this journey is for a community of women on a journey of self love, self healing & wellbeing. This one is for you 


We control the energy around us. Our beauty is not defined & based on our bodies, that our tiger marks & our rolls are just our bodies physical personality traits. Our vessels provide LIFE. Let’s embrace & enjoy it. Lets be KIND to ourselves & others.